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New 2023: As the result of continuing concerns with respect to the pandemic  it has been decided that in the interest of safety there will be no Festival sponsored activities.  However those organizations that wish to hold activities will be promoted and we invite any group holding activities to contact:  

We would like to thank all those who participated in special virtual COVID activities in 2020 and 2021during the pandemic, You can see entries received for the 2020 "Beautiful is Blue"by clicking here.  Also selected entries in the 2021 Covid Chronicles here and Covid Cuisine here

While some of the regular Blueberry Festival events will not take place you can still enjoy free for the picking blueberries throughout the area or purchase when available from roadside vendors or local farmer's markets.

The Blueberry Pickers Song - Andy Lowe

Recorded in concert at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. Andy has recorded several CDs of Sudbury and traditional songs - Check him out at:

Video history of early days of Festival:

They are small, but very delicious and can be eaten as picked, dried (as the native populations did) or frozen.  Of course they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime as a snack.  

Winners of the Blueberry Buns bakeoff contest co-sponsored by the Sudbury Arts Council in 2019 Council, Linda Cartier, President, centre with Blueberry T shirt and Judi Straughn far right also of the Arts Council - judge.

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Past Blueberry Festival Sponsors

While long recognized as the Nickel capital of the world for its vast underground wealth, Sudbury's above ground natural resource, the lowbush blueberry was not so well known.  Former Mayor Peter Wong set out to change this in 1986 when he organized the first Blueberry Festival du bluet.

Blueberries grow in such abundance here partly because of the mining industry and early smelting processes which created high acidic soil conditions in which blueberry bushes thrive. Pollinated by black flies (yes they do have a purpose) blueberries are free for the picking from about mid July into late August throughout the entire city. If you can't take the time to pick yourself then you can always purchase at the local farmers market or from the many roadside vendors.

Video of Climb up Blueberry Hill with Sheldon Lowe - 1994

Video below of annual Sudbury Blueberry Festival Pie Eating Contest with local media personalities.








 Everybody Loves Our Bears

Sud-berry Bear and Sudbrina Bear are the Blueberry Festival Mascots who make friends with all ages every summer throughout Greater Sudbury.

The Blueberry Festival for several consists of a number of community events celebrating this wonderful resource, now considered the worlds most nutritious fruit. There are numerous blueberry pancake breakfasts, a blueberry pie eating contest, garden parties, concerts, family and children's events all open to the public. Our mascots have presided over these good times during the third week of July each year are seen below with three members of the Blueberry Festival Committee, and then with their many fans at the Flour Mill Museum  and dancing with seniors at a Legion Blueberry event.  Anywhere they go our Blueberry Festival Bears are loved by everyone of all ages


The bears dated for a number of years and then were married on the good ship William Ramsey by the captain in the "international waters" of Lake Ramsey