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New Festival Host:

The Sudbury Blueberry Festival has a new host and home as of July 2023.

 The Sudbury Blueberry Festival Committee was delighted and most appreciative to have one of the long-time participants come forward to continue the tradition of celebrating our best above ground natural resource the low bush blueberry so beloved by residents and visitors alike and free for the picking throughout Greater Sudbury, and of course for sale at local markets and roadside vendors in July, Augusta and September each year. 

Autumnwood as the new host will be involved actively with recognized Festival events and promoting many of the traditional Festival activities that have been so popular over the years, and we look forward to assisting as a resource source going forward.

Contact:  Renee Oystrick - roystrick@autunmwood.ca


Past volunteer committee members included: John Lindsay - President - Brian Kuczma - Treasurer, Secretary - Vally LaFlamme, Suzanne McCrae plus Keith Argent



















Check our website for events of which we have been notified updates and also the local Media for events.

Blueberry Bear visits the  Camp Quality barbecue

Check out Credit Union staff Blueberry Recipes - Yummie

Blueberry Bear is greeted by day care kids at a bear "wake up" event  at the Centre for Life where cake and blueberry drink were served in the Older Adults dining area overlooking Memorial Park.  

The Blueberry Bear is very popular with the media, but as he does not speak Former President Vally LaFlamme is shown here answering questions from reporters (the bear will acknowledge by nods and hugs - he is very good with hugs).