Photo Entries

Title:  Blue Minnow Lake from Blueberry Hill Gazebo  Entry Ph 1 (adult)

Title: Tip toe through the blueberries - Ph2 (adult)

Titel: Blueberry caterpiller  Ph3 - (adult)

Title: Tasty Handful Ph4 -Adult

Blue Berry Angel Ph5 - Adult

Blue Berry Bear with Pine Cones Ph 6 - Adult?

Harvest Time - PH 7 Adult

Delicious - PH 8 - Adult


Poppa's Pie (being picked for 84 year old grandfather) PH9 Child

Poppa's Pie and Sun Kissed Berries PH 10 - Child

Lowell's Dragon PH 11 - Adult

Abundance PH 12 - Adult

Blue Bayoo PH 13 - Adult

My Mother's Hands PH14 Adult

Blueberry Dew PH 15 Adult

Blueberry Eye PH 16 - Adult

Blueberries on the Rock PH 17 Adult

Blue Eyed Girl (Cat) PH 18 - Adult

Blueberry Cake PH 19 - teen

Blueberry Fingers PH 20 -Adult

Three Hands Grandma, Mom and Son PH 21- Child


Spring Peeper on Blueberries PH 22 Adult